Kerry arrives with a warm smile and wide open perspective. Her understanding, kind and compassionate approach allows for super practical and transforming outcomes. Kerry clearly has a great experience and a keen interest in helping people.

NarelleMajor Revamp

I couldn’t work out where to start when it came to setting up my home office. Kerry advised me how the room might function more effectively by getting rid of the mess, and moving around my furniture. It included getting the desk out of the corner and taking advantage of the street facing window.

KathrynOffice Revamp

I was feeling overwhelmed and miserable with the state of my home and decided it was time to do something about it. The trigger for me was when my car, my pride and joy, also started to become cluttered, I knew I needed help.

MaryMajor Revamp

I love helping people find design solutions and work on renovating properties, while Kerry has a passion for de-cluttering and revamping. She’s my go-to person when one of my clients needs to de-clutter before we renovate and she checks in with me when she wants a second opinion on a Revamp.

organise my house Perth
CaroleDesign Rules

The Major Revamp was just what I needed to get my head around the organized chaos in my home. I’m happy to recommend Kerry and her Revamping. At the end of our sessions I felt like I’d reclaimed my home and got control over what was in it. I’m so glad I looked for help and found it. Kerry told me it would be transformational and it was – not just for my home but for me too.
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KathyMajor Revamp

I’m a self-confessed clutter magnet, and my partner and children also have the same tendency, although it was bothering me more. Together we’d managed to fill every bit of storage in our home, and there wasn’t a surface that was free of stuff. I really can’t thank Kerry enough. Not only did she help me transform my home; I truly felt the transformation in other aspects of my life. I highly recommend Kerry’s services in a heartbeat!

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AmberKick-Start Revamp

What Kerry was able to achieve with her clear thinking, vision and fresh eyes to see how things could work in our new home was just the help I needed.

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GinnyPop-Up Home