Kerry gives you back the space in your home buried by clutter. She is calm, caring and not judgemental. Her approach is also sustainable, both in giving away your clutter as well as providing practical, tailored advice specific to your home and situation.

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SarahMajor Revamp

I’m a crafter, a hoarder and I have a heart condition – that’s what I told Kerry when I called her. I thought I should be upfront from the beginning. After that, we talked about my clutter. My rooms of craft clutter didn’t phase Kerry, I love to make cards, and my stuff was in three rooms, one was so full I couldn’t get into it anymore. She also helped me tackle the random furniture and belongings that I was storing for my daughter. I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone who needs help.

DianeMajor Revamp

What Kerry was able to achieve with her clear thinking, vision and fresh eyes to see how things could work in our new home was just the help I needed.

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GinnyPop-Up Home