I just want to say Kerry, I feel that I have relocated to a new abode! I am much more energised and I get a buzz each time I enter a room. Amazing – I now have pride in my home at last.
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MarieMajor Revamp

Hi Kerry, thanks SO MUCH!
Working with you on my clutter has been very productive, and everyone is happy with the results. I’m still amazed we got the living room, laundry, storage room and two bedrooms done in two days.

SueMajor Revamp

Kerry arrives with a warm smile and wide open perspective. Her understanding, kind and compassionate approach allows for super practical and transforming outcomes. Kerry clearly has a great experience and a keen interest in helping people.

NarelleMajor Revamp

I was feeling overwhelmed and miserable with the state of my home and decided it was time to do something about it. The trigger for me was when my car, my pride and joy, also started to become cluttered, I knew I needed help.

MaryMajor Revamp

I’m a self-confessed clutter magnet, and my partner and children also have the same tendency, although it was bothering me more. Together we’d managed to fill every bit of storage in our home, and there wasn’t a surface that was free of stuff. I really can’t thank Kerry enough. Not only did she help me transform my home; I truly felt the transformation in other aspects of my life. I highly recommend Kerry’s services in a heartbeat!

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AmberKick-Start Revamp